Development for Banking Industry by Geo mapping


Using Geo Mapping with rich points of interest, campaigns can be assessed as to whether or not they meet certain geographic and demographic criteria and can be scored according to the corresponding potential. Take bank appraisals as example, after suffering a flooding disaster, Geo Mapping application software is able to mark that disaster area on map instantly, so that when a customer from that area applies for property appraisal, front desk dealers are able to deliver quick responses and drop the property values through their systems in a matter of just a few seconds.

Performance Management and Evaluation

Evaluating a branch simply by checking its revenue is not the most effective solution, because finance point of view might miss some impacts that could not showing on the number. Each branch should have its unique KPI. For example, if a site is in the right location but surrounding are many competitors and close to other branches, this site’s revenue will not reach expected target. Geo Mapping could help by applying a model to estimate market share, capture the amount of households, and the impact of competitors and cannibalization.

By analyzing the location patterns of acquisition candidates, foreign banks can determine the best geographic coverage in relation to its branch networks. Foreign banks in most countries are suffering from some sort of license issues; therefore, it may be ideal that some local bank branches are distributed through similar optimization blue prints. Geo Mapping can help decide which candidates are the best buy and simulate grown up assessments after mergers.

Location decisions are said to be the most fundamental decisions in retail and banking because they are directly connected to their ability to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time. Geo Mapping helps retailers and banks make these strategic business plans, understand customers, analyze competitors, and evaluate current market potential.

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