• Can the Geo Mapping System support the retail industry?

    20 Aug, 2017

    Change drives success in retail. Whether change involves mergers and acquisitions, expansion and consolidation, supply chain management, addressing consumer and demographic trends, dealing with profits being squeezed, embracing omni-channel systems, adapting to mobile shoppers or introducing more fl

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    GeoMapping Solutions for banking industry

    05 Jan, 2017

    Geo mapping brings a lot of benefits to different industries including banks industry. Geo mapping is able to help you understand your data well. Besides, F&CS plays an important role to achieve business objectives such as: Expansion of customer base based on marketing campaign. Consis

  • Development for Banking Industry by Geo mapping

    13 Dec, 2016

    Using Geo Mapping with rich points of interest, campaigns can be assessed as to whether or not they meet certain geographic and demographic criteria and can be scored according to the corresponding potential. Take bank appraisals as example, after suffering a flooding disaster, Geo Mapping applicati

  • 15781640_597878193669490_1509344834985270435_n

    GIS benefits to Banking Industries

    08 Dec, 2016

    GIS importance with rapid development of science and technology, Geographic Information System (GIS) becomes important and essential application to help an organization to make decision for their business based on geographic information. GIS plays an important role in banking industry to achieve ba

  • What is GIS ?

    04 Dec, 2016

    A Geographic information system {GIS} lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of

  • fidaco-partners-conference

    FIDA & CO. Studios presenting GIS Cloud at the Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference

    29 Sep, 2016

    GIS Cloud’s partners, FIDA & CO. Studios (F&CS) are exhibiting and promoting GIS Cloud solutions at the leading smart and sustainable cities event in Egypt – Intelligent Cities Exhibition and Conference (ICEC 2016). The event is taking place at Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel in C

  • smart-cities-3

    Geo-Spatial Technology for Building Smarter Cities

    20 Sep, 2016

    What is the role of Geo-Spatial technologies in building smarter cities? The concept of smart cities became one of the most frequently mentioned buzzwords in the terms of building and designing sustainable urban environments in the 21st century. But, this does not necessarily mean tha